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Payments Made Easy

Who is Webmaster Checks?

Webmasterchecks provide a simple and secure online solution for issuing checks and sending out other payment types, giving businesses a convenient and economical way to send payments to their payees. We work with Affiliate Networks/Programs, Market Research, Claims Administration, Insurance, Financial, and similar firms. With a +A rating from the BBB, cutting-edge systems and feature sets, and with more experience than anyone else in our field, you can see why hundreds of businesses trust Webmasterchecks for their payout needs. Contact us today to find out how you can use our payment platform to conveniently get payments to your partners on-time, every time.

Robust Reporting and Monthly Statements

You get access to real-time reporting, payment detail, transaction history, get information and be able to make changes instantly!

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Secure Admin and Application Programming Interface

Upload your files using our Secure EV-SSL 128-bit encrypted file upload system through our administration system or for more tech-savvy users, through our SOAP/XML API.

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Custom High-Security Anti-Fraud Checks

Our multiple-layer fraud prevention strategy exclusively utilizes security controls such as specially designed anti-fraud micr check and security envelopes.

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Why We Are The #1 Affiliate Payout Company

We provide the full suite of payout services that enable affiliate networks, market research, claims administration and other companies to fulfill their payout needs.

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Send Payments

Send payments out on time, every time
Save time, money and leave yourself free to focus on the core needs of your business. Plug us in as part of your operation and let us work for you.

Below are the payments and locations we currently send out to:


Checks – We can process checks out of the United States and the European Union

ACH (Direct Deposit) – We can process ACH out of the United States, Canada, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

Wire Transfers We send wires out of the United States, using the Federal Reserve’s FedWire system, which provides the quickest availability of funds because they provide immediate “real-time” and final “irrevocable” settlement by posting the entry against electronic accounts of the wire transfer system operator.

We make sending out your payments simple
Export a list of affiliates to pay from your accounting or affiliate software systems, we accept most common formats, or submit a payment to us on-the-fly. Next, transfer that data file to us through our secure EV-SSL encrypted interface or API. Then, view your admin to see the load that’s due and transfer those funds to your Webmasterchecks account. We will proceed to send those payments out on the requested payout date and then send out a confirmation afterwards.

Ease of use
Webmasterchecks staff will take care of all the printing, mailing, customer service, and reconciliation functions and letting you focus on what is important, your business.


Wide range of payment options:
US Check, Euro Cheque, Wire, ACH Direct Dep. and many more.


Secure Upload Interface:
Upload you files using our Secure EV-SSL 256-bit Encrypted file upload.


Standard Checks:(Check Size: 8 1/2″(w) x 3 1/2″(l)) with many Styles and Designs to choose from.


Personal Notes:
Have the ability to include personalized notes with your payments.


Dedicated Account Representative:
Dedicated representative just for you.


Imprint Company Logo:
Personalize your payments.


Send Payments at Anytime:
Send your payments 24/7 365 days a year.


Send Payments Through our API:
Analytics to keep you informed.


Powerful Reports:
Access to powerful reports and analytics to keep you informed.

Reports & Monthly Statements

Reports & Monthly Statements
Webmasterchecks provides their clients with easy-to-use and relevant reporting tools that allow them to monitor and manage their affiliate payout accounts. Get access to real-time balance reports, deposit history reports, payout transaction reports, and monthly summary statements.

Real-time Load Balance report
Webmasterchecks provides real time reporting on current load balance so you will always be informed.

Payout Transaction and Deposit Reporting
Run reports on payouts and deposits back to the history of your account.

Monthly Statements
Aggregate Summary reporting on account balance, deposits made, transactions sent out, and the corresponding.





Custom Checks

High-quality custom security checks
Webmasterchecks exclusively utilizes a custom-designed check created by Frank W. Abagnale, whose life story provided the inspiration for the Steven Spielberg film, Catch Me if You Can, and is one of the world’s most respected authorities on the subjects of forgery, embezzlement and secure documents. In addition, clients have the flexibility to imprint their own logo on the check and/or include inserts or ad material in with their checks.


Webmasterchecks fraud prevention strategy uses multiple layers of protection in order to control payment fraud, some of which are listed below:

Security Envelopes
Webmaster Checks fraud prevention strategy uses multiple layers of protection in order to control payment fraud, some of which are listed below (all prior needs to be deleted)All envelopes include black security tine, which prevents sensitive check information from being read through the envelope.

MICR Technology
Checks printed using MICR Technology: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a character recognition system that uses special ink and characters to provide a much higher level of security and a decreased exposure to check fraud. MICR provides a secure, high-speed method of scanning and processing information in the banking network.

Positive Pay Protection
Positive Pay is a banking process designed around preventing fraud. It consists of a process to submit files to the bank that contain issued check information. When a check is received by the bank, the bank compares the data on the check to the issued check information provided by the client. If the check information contains any discrepancies compared to the issue file, the check is set aside as an exception for the client to review for accuracy. This helps prevent check fraud by preventing criminals from cashing fraudulent checks just by using a stolen account number or blank check. This also prevents the payee from altering the check amount or other vital pieces of information.

Check Security Features
Webmasterchecks exclusively uses the Supercheck, the most secure business check in the world. Internationally Renowned Fraud Consultant Frank W. Abagnale, whose life story provided the inspiration for the Steven Spielberg film Catch Me if You Can, and is one of the world’s most respected authorities on the subjects of forgery, embezzlement and secure documents, designed the Supercheck. For over thirty years he has lectured to and consulted with hundreds of financial institutions, corporations and government agencies around the world.

Overt Security Features:
Fourdrinier Watermark: There is a Fourdrinier (true) watermark that is pressed into the paper at the mill and is visible from either side when held to the light. This dual-tone watermark provides instant authenticity of the document and is virtually impossible to replicate, copy or scan.

Thermochromatic Ink: On the back of the check there is a seal printed with thermochromatic (heat-sensitive) ink that changes colors when heated. This thermochromatic seal can be rubbed for instant authentication of the check. Color copiers cannot reproduce the reactivity of thermochromatic ink.

High-Resolution Borders: The check is engineered with intricately designed borders that are difficult to duplicate. High-resolution borders are ideal for covert security because the design often distorts when copied.

Microprinting: There is printing so small that it appears as a broken line or pattern to the human eye. When scanned or photocopied, microprinting will often blur on the copy.

Chemical Wash Detection Boxes: On the back of the check, there is specially designed box engineered to deter check washing. The check is sensitive to over 80 chemicals, and the box makes chemical tampering instantly evident.

Prismatic Printing: The background is designed of subtle gradations between multiple colors. This level of color distinction is difficult to reproduce on most color copiers.

Laid Lines: Lines of varying width and spacing are printed on the back of each check to deter cut-and-paste alterations.

Warning Banner: There is a warning banner that explicitly describes specific overt security features and advises the recipient to look for these features before accepting the check. This warning banner may also deter a forger from “experimenting” with the check.

Covert Security Features:

Controlled Paper Stock: The check is manufactured using imported premium-grade security paper. This paper is not available in America, except as the Check, making it nearly impossible for a forger to replicate the check. The paper contains a true watermark, is reactive to 85 chemicals, and is extremely tightly controlled.

Chemically Reactive Paper: The check reacts to 85 different chemicals. When chemically washed, the Check and its chemical wash detection box discolor, and no longer look like the original document.

Ultraviolet Light-Sensitive Ink: Under UV light, the word “AUTHENTIC” appears on the check, which serves to authenticate the check as original.

Ultraviolet Light-Sensitive Fibers: The imported paper used contains ultraviolet light-sensitive fibers that fluoresce under UV light and further serve as an authentication tool.

Customize your payout and/or add marketing materials

Imprint Company Logo: (or other company information) crisply and cleanly on the check stub

Inserts: We can Print and insert Color/Black and White Flyers, Pamphlets, Newsletters and Leaflets into envelopes


Frank Abagnale Seal of Authenticity

Secure Upload Admin & API

Secure Upload Admin & API

Data Security is King!
At Webmasterchecks, the security and privacy of your information is paramount and we have invested heavily in the technical infrastructure needed to keep your data safe and protected.

Security and Redundancy

All kept data is encrypted, backed up on-site on multiple-raids arrays (a system for data storage where data is divided and replicated among multiple hard disk drives for redundancy) and secure off-site backups are automatically made daily. In addition, all of our systems are PCI DSS-compliant, although we are not under any legal or contractual obligation to do so. PCI DSS is the technical and operational security standards created by a council whose members include American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Inc. to help organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud, hacking and various other security vulnerabilities and threats. In addition, we have a quarterly security audit done by an independent 3rd party company.

Secure Upload Admin and API

The files uploaded through our admin or transferred through our API are protected by a Thawte Extended Validation SSL Certificate capable of up to 256-bit encryption combined with the strongest identity authentication standard available today. This is the only level of authentication that enables Internet Explorer 7 to display the green address bar and a scrolling security status bar identifying both the name of the web site and the Certificate Authority for the web site. You can be assured that we are using the highest security available to protect your data during the transfer of the information to Webmasterchecks.

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  • Pleasure to do business with. Checks are sent on-time and support team is great. Brandon and Chrissy help us every step of the way each time we roll out a new feature.

    Geoff Lilienfield, iphonesintocash.com

  • Each month our small business sends out about 120 commission checks. We always dreaded the manual process of entering the check amounts into Quickbooks, hoping the printer worked correctly and then stuffing all those envelopes. With Webmaster Checks we just export the file from our database and import it into Webmaster Checks. Our experience with Webmaster Checks has been phenomenal.

    John Dzeima, President CalStar Marketing

  • Webmasterchecks is payment processing at it's best: send them the money, upload payment file and it's done.

    CEO Felipe, Bre Productions

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